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Daily Red Sox Links: Connor Seabold, Cleveland Guardians, Rich Hill

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Salt River Rafters v. Scottsdale Scorpions Photo by Buck Davidson/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Worcester Red Sox get some reinforcements! Connor Seabold, Kutter Crawford, Durbin Feltman, and Grant Williams were all added to the Triple-A roster on Friday. (Christopher Smith; Mass Live)

The Cleveland Baseball Team has announced their new team name. Sadly, it wasn’t the name I wanted, which was Cleveland Rocks. (Zach Meisel; The Athletic)

Hopefully in the new CBA, the DH will finally make its way to the NL. Before then, some MLB pitchers describe what it is like to face big-league pitching. (Zach Buchanan; The Athletic)

The Red Sox will be paying their minor leagues more along with a housing stipend. Sure, it is not enough but it is something. (Tom Westerholm;

With the Tampa Bay Rays trading for Nelson Cruz, what is the Red Sox and Chaim Bloom’s counterpunch? (Jon Gray would be nice...just sayin’) (John Tomase; NBC Sports Boston)

The Rays also made another trade as they moved Old Friend Rich Hill to the New York Mets for Tommy Hunter and a Double-A catching prospect. (