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FanPost Friday: Put together the ideal Red Sox deadline deal

Get your GM shoes on and make a deal.

Boston Red Sox v. Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Tringali/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Red Sox are still sitting in first place right now, but there is work to be done to make sure they are in the best position possible to make sure they are there at the end of the season. The Rays already threw the trade season gauntlet on Thursday, grabbing the best pure bat on the market in DH Nelson Cruz, who they acquired in a deal with the Twins. Teams across baseball are getting ready to start jockeying for the best position over the final two months of the season, and the Red Sox should be part of that.

Last week we added for a broader look at what the team could do at the deadline this year. For this week, we’re looking for something more specific. We want you to put on your Chaim Bloom shoes and put together the perfect trade (or trades!) for the Red Sox this winter. Keep them in the realm of possibility, because yes we would all trade cash for Freddie Freeman, but go out and improve the team.

Leave us a FanPost, and you could be featured on the front page on Sunday ahead of round one. As always, here is our handy guide to making a FanPost.