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FanPost Friday: Improving All-Star Week

If you could, would you?

T-Mobile Home Run Derby Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

We have somehow already entered the second half of the season by games played, and the All-Star Game is right around the corner. Boston has two players named to the starting lineup on the American League side, with the reserves being announced on Sunday. And before that, the Home Run Derby will take place on Monday the 12th while the draft gets underway on that Sunday the 11th.

Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of the All-Star break, with the game itself being, in my opinion, the best of the major sports. I also very much enjoy the Home Run Derby, especially with the new rules the last few years, and I think it was a smart move to push the draft back to All-Star week. The Futures Game, which will also take place on the 11th, is also a great annual event. This is the first season that will be happening.

With all of that said, there is always room for improvement. Whether it be changing the rules of a current event (i.e. making the Futures Game nine innings, or reverting back to old Home Run Derby Rules), adding new events, perhaps showcasing pitching and/or defense, or just scrapping one or all of the events entirely, everyone has their ideas for making this week the best it can possibly be. And that’s what this week’s FanPost Friday is all about. I want to hear all of your ideas to improve the midseason break for baseball. Leave us a FanPost, and you can get featured on the front page on Sunday.

As always, here is our handy guide to making a FanPost.