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Poll: How did you feel about the Red Sox draft?

Did they do well?

Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

The Red Sox draft class is in the books, and we’ve had just about a day to sit with it. Obviously it goes without saying that most of us are not experts about these players. We haven’t been traveling the United States over the last year getting looks at junior college players, for example. Most of us didn’t watch all of the Florida Gators games this spring, which would have helped as the Red Sox grabbed two players from that lineup. But, we have read what there is to read about the players and we have at least a feel for what the Red Sox did this week.

And so, it is a fair time for a snap reaction. Using our best guest as far as who is going to sign and how that money will be divvied up — a good rule of thumb is that each of the first 10 picks will sign, with a handful of the day three picks joining the organization as well — let’s hand out a grade for this year’s class. And if you want to read up any more on the players, or just get a reminder on who was taken when, head over to our draft tracker. (And make sure to keep checking that page over the next few weeks as we update it after players sign.)

By popular demand, we will go with letter grades this time around. Last time I tried to get cute with a 1-5 scale, and that was more confusing than I intended. I think we all know how the letter grade system works, so let’s get voting.


What’s your initial grade for the Red Sox draft class?

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