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Daily Red Sox Links: MLB Draft 2021, Ronald Acuña Jr., Theo Epstein

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How have the Red Sox exceeded the relatively low expectations they had coming into the season while the Philadelphia Phillies have underperformed their own so far this season? (Chad Jennings; The Athletic)

Could the Red Sox surprise everyone again by selecting an underslot player with their first pick of the 2021 draft the same way they did a year ago when they selected Nick Yorke? (Christopher Smith; Mass Live)

There is also a case (and a much stronger one, in my opinion) to take the best player available. (Alex Speier; Boston Globe)

Ronald Acuña Jr. was carted off the field after hitting the fence in the outfield. This stinks. (

Theo Epstein shares what he wants to change about baseball in a recent R2C2 podcast. This was a great listen! (Conor Roche;

It seems that more younger females are enjoying baseball. Music to my ears. (Carly Ebisuya; Denver Post)