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Red Sox July Preview: Living bicoastally

Is that a word? Probably not. Do I care? I do not.

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New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Red Sox appeared to have a brutal schedule coming up in the month of June, with contenders up and down the docket. That, combined with the surprise that still came with their performance to that point in the season, made it reasonable to think they were going to hit a wall in June. At least that’s what yours truly thought when I predicted the team would go 13-15 in the month. I was off. Way off. They ended up going 18-10 in the month, bringing their overall record up to 50-31. No one in our comments predictions nailed this one, with the closest guesses being xiii_dex and Bosoxsince89 at 16-12 as well as ChestnutTrill on the other side of the coin predicting 20-8. Good on you three for at least getting close.

As we look ahead to the month of July it is a slightly more abbreviated schedule with the All-Star break right smack in the middle, though perhaps not as much as one would think. It will also include their first cross-country trip of the season, as they leave Thursday night for Oakland, and they’ll spend a week out west before coming back home for three games before the break. They’ll stay on this side of the country for the rest of the month as well, playing only divisional foes in the back half of the month. In total, the Red Sox will be home for 12 games in July and on the road for 15.

And this is not going to be a walk in the park in terms of level of competition, either. I mentioned that the back half of the month is all divisional matchups, and it just so happens that none of those matchups are with the Orioles, either. They have 17 straight games to close out the month after the break, and all of them take place against the Yankees, Rays, and Blue Jays. When you throw in a three-game set out west against the A’s, all of a sudden 20 of the 27 games this month are against teams with winning records. It’s possible their three games against the Angels could be against a winning team as well, as they currently sit just two games below an even record.

When you put it all together, you get another very difficult month for the Red Sox coming up, but also one where they can very much solidify their position as the class of the division. I was way low last month, and I’m not going to make the same mistake twice. At least I don’t think I will. I’m going to predict a 15-12 record in July. Be sure to leave your prediction down in the comments.

Full July Schedule:

1 vs. KC

3 @ OAK

3 @ LAA

3 vs. PHI

4 @ NYY

3 @ TOR

4 vs. NYY

4 vs. TOR

2 @ TB