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Red Sox On Deck Podcast: The Legend of Joe Davis

On this episode of the show Shelly and Bob discuss mock drafts, Connor Wong’s first start, another pitching injury, #DuranWatch, and the legend of Joe Davis.

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Joe Davis (2019)
Kelly O’Connor

We are back for Episode 18 of the Red Sox On Deck Podcast, your go-to source for everything prospects on the Over the Monster Podcast Network. On this week’s episode, Shelly and Bob opened with some recent College World Series and mock draft updates. Jack Leiter hasn’t given us any reason to second guess him with all of his tournament appearances. Baseball America has him going fourth to the Red Sox, while Jim Callis from MLB Pipeline has Jordan Lawler slipping to four, and Keith Law has Henry Davis to Boston. We’ll have a full MLB Draft preview episode on next week’s episode.

Looking at the current farm, there are plenty of news and notes, including Franchy Cordero’s continued Triple-A success along with some workouts at first base. Connor Wong’s made his big-league debut and got some comments from Nate Eovaldi and Alex Cora. We also saw injuries to Aldo Ramirez and Brandon Howlett, rehabs from Eduard Bazardo, Nick Decker, and Connor Seabold, and a non-update update in regards to Noah Song.

After that, we made our way through the minor league levels, starting this week in The Florida Complex League, which got underway on Monday. Shelly and Bob reviewed the notables on the roster.

Bob spent the remainder of the episode dodging lightning bolts and having connection issues but fought through the adversity to discuss Tanner Houck’s second start, big weeks for Jarren Duran and Jeter Downs, and Marcus Wilson’s continued success, all at Worcester. In Portland, we talk about Durbin Feltman and make our first mention of Zack Kelly, who have both been excellent out of the bullpen in recent weeks. In Greenville, we’re both excited about Chris Murphy’s four straight excellent starts and hope he can make his way to Double-A this summer. Finally, in Salem, Nick Yorke had a scorcher of a month, and we had to talk about the two huge games from our boy Joe Davis, a no-brainer for this week’s cover photo.

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