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New Shirt: The VerduGo Sign

You get it.

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There have been a whole lot of things that have gone right with this Red Sox team so far this season to launch them fully into contention, performing well above expectations roughly a third of the way through the season. It would be a disservice to boil it down to just a handful of players, though it’s clear that the core of the lineup has been the most consistent part of the roster. And of that core, Alex Verdugo has been right in the thick of things, hitting second in the lineup and setting the table for the power hitters behind him.

With his hot season, and particularly his hot stretch of late, our friends over at Breaking T figured it was time for another shirt, and a Verdugo one. So, here it is. It’s the VerduGo sign.

As is the case with all of the products our friends over at Breaking T are setting up, these are super comfortable and affordable. You can get them in a regular tee or a hoodie, and we have them in men's, women’s, and youth.

Follow this link, get a cool shirt and support your friends at Over the Monster. You can’t beat that combination, can you?