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The Over The Monster Podcast: How sweep it is

A celebratory show of sorts.

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

We are back for another episode of The Over the Monster Podcast, with our technical issues seemingly behind us. (Knock on wood, please.) In today’s show, which was recorded prior to Tuesday’s loss to the Astros, Bryan and I focus a lot on the team’s sweep over the Yankees. Bryan was actually in attendance for the first game, an experience we touched on before moving on to how the entire series changed our opinions, if at all, of both clubs. We also wondered if the new optimistic projections for the Red Sox were reasonable.

From there, we moved over to the Chris Sale realm, talking about whether his presence in the dugout can make a small difference for other pitchers, and whether or not he will represent the “big trade deadline acquisition.” We also talk about the possibility of him returning as reliever rather than joining the rotation, an option that has been thrown out hypothetically by many fans at this point.

Finally, we run through a grabag of topics, including whether the back-end of the bullpen is good enough, how we feel about the non-stars on the position player side of things and whether or not their playing time makes sense, and who we want to see from the Red Sox in this year’s Home Run Derby, if anyone.

We hope you enjoyed today’s episode of the show. If so, please subscribe, rate and review, and recommend us to your pals. See you next week.