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The Over the Monster Podcast: The one about Garrett Richards

And a look at potential Red Sox All-Stars.

Kansas City Royals v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Welcome back to another episode of The Over The Monster Podcast. As is the case week in and week out, Matt and Bryan are here to discuss the latest with everything going on with the Red Sox.

In this week’s show, we start things off talking about one of the lone negatives with the team right now in Garrett Richards. The Red Sox were able to pick up a win on Monday against the Royals, but it was not really thanks to their starter. We talk about the recent struggles for the righty coinciding with the crackdown on sticky stuff by the league. We discuss how much better we may or may not feel after he turned things around for the final few innings of this last start, and we also look at some options the team has.

After our Richards discussion, we move on to a grab bag of topics, including the latest in All-Star voting, what the Red Sox might do with their first-round pick this year, and whether or not a Hunter Renfroe extension conversation may make some sense. We finish things up with a brief conversation about cereal.

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