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Red Sox On Deck Podcast: Jaxx hits jacks

On this episode of the show, Shelly and Bob discuss recent news and notes and check in on the lower level of the minor leagues.

Jaxx Groshans
Kelly O’Connor

We are back for Episode 14 of the Red Sox On Deck Podcast, your go-to source for everything prospects on the Over the Monster Podcast Network. On this episode, Shelly and Bob open by discussing recent news and notes including a check-in on Red Sox prospects playing in the Olympic Qualifers. We also take a deeper dive into the ‘other guy’ in the Andrew Benintendi trade and how Josh Winckowski might not just be just a throw-in.

After that, we work our way down to the minor leagues; starting in Worcester, MA and ending in Salem, VA. Stephen Gonsalves has been really effective against left-handed batters and could be an interesting bullpen pitcher later in the season. Michael Chavis hasn’t left the struggle bus after returning to the WooSox and had a 0-7 with six strikeouts in a recent doubleheader.

The Greenville Drive and Salem Red Sox did not win many games but there have been some bright spots. Jay Groome returned from an injury and looked great in his most recent start. But are we buying it? Gilberto Jimenez is hitting well but Shelly has some concerns with his batted ball profile. Nick Yorke is not hitting well at all. Should we be concerned? Jaxx Groshans has been a hit machine in Salem. Has he moved up in the catching prospect ranks?

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