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New Shirt: The Legend of Christian Arroyo

We had to do something/

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The Red Sox just finished up a brutal stretch of baseball, and while there were some low moments they were able to more than keep their head above water, consistently finding different ways to win. Some of those wins involved pitching taking over, but there were also some high-scoring games with an unlikely hero. Christian Arroyo has come out of nowhere this year to not only factor into the second base mix, but occasionally come through with massive hits.

That has been especially true over the last week or so, when he has had multiple big swings late in games right when the team needs it. The latest was in the finale down in Atlanta with his huge grand slam in the seventh to put the Red Sox ahead. So, after that latest big hit, our friends at BreakingT knew they had to make a shirt.

As is the case with all of the products our friends over at Breaking T are setting up, these are super comfortable and affordable. You can get them in a regular tee or a hoodie, and we have them in men’s, women’s, and youth.

Follow this link, get a cool shirt and support your friends at Over the Monster. You can’t beat that combination, can you?