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FanPost Friday: The Jarren Duran Question

When will the time come?

Baseball: WBSC Baseball Americas Qualifier-Canada at USA Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

The footsteps are growing louder. Jarren Duran, fresh off of his stint with the Team USA Olympic Qualifying roster, continues his crusade to become a starting outfielder for your Boston Red Sox. Duran went 7-19, with a double, triple, and steal, and was a very valuable player for the team as it achieved its goal and qualified for the Olympics.

The Red Sox also need some help offensively, particularly in terms of rounding out the lineup. It is thought that perhaps Duran could solve that problem. It’s been one of the primary stories of 2021: When will Duran come up? While many in the media have been quick to remind people that he still needs time to get better defensively or in other aspects of the game (and it is worth mentioning that Duran does have a few obvious holes in his game, for all of his strong parts), it is getting harder and harder to ignore the potential benefit he could bring to the Red Sox in 2021.

Your question this week:

When do you bring up Jarren Duran? Why do you do it? Who do you replace on the roster?

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