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Red Sox-Marlins game scheduled for Sunday postponed

They’ll make it up on June 7.

Miami Marlins v Boston Red Sox Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

The Red Sox and Marlins had been dealing with rain all weekend, but they were able to get each of the first two games in, albeit with a shortened contest on Friday. They were hoping to make it work for the entire series, but things didn’t work out that way on Sunday. They were delayed at first from their 1:10 start time, but after 24 minutes the team announced that the game would officially be postponed.

The two sides will not have to wait too long a time in order to make this one up, however. It was announced shortly after the postponement that the two sides would play again on June 7. That is a little bit of a tough break for the Red Sox, who were supposed to have a day off between series against the Yankees and Astros. Instead of getting that break, they will play 17 in a row starting on Monday, with all of the games coming against playoff contenders.

That run starts against the Astros. Eduardo Rodriguez was supposed to start this game Monday, and now he’ll have his start moved back to face off against Houston to start that series. That’s a four-game set, and Rodriguez will be followed by Garrett Richards, Nick Pivetta, and Martín Pérez.