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Red Sox vs. Marlins lineups: Nomar’s still better

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Enjoy this game versus Derek Jeter’s team before the rain comes and ruins all of our weekends.

Yankees v Red Sox
Memories. For old people.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Derek Jeter’s Miami Marlins make their first trip to Fenway Park this year when the Marlins and Sox face off on Martín Pérez day (7:10 p.m., NESN, MLBN out-of-market).

The Sox should be well rested after the rare two-off day week, and Pérez will hope to roll over the momentum from Wednesday night’s beat down of the Braves, even if said momentum is a narrative device and little more. No skin off our backs; this is a narrative after all!

The Marlins, at two games below .500, fit right in in the jumbled NL East, which means they kinda don’t fit in at all, given how far back they’re usually lagging. Jeter and Kim Ng have done a (hacking cough) pretty good job with the organization, which is finally headed in the right direction. It took long enough, but the arrow is finally pointing up in South Florida.

All that said, the Sox have been way better and should sweep the series just to prove a point, imho. Do it for Nomar! The Marlins start someone named Cody Poteet, so if the Sox don’t do it, Nomar’s gonna be sad, and he’s never been sad. I am now being told this is wrong, and that he has been sad. Well it would be cruel to make it happen twice now, wouldn’t it? Danny Santana starts at first, giving Bobby Dalbec the night off, but otherwise it’s more of the same in the lineup. Which I wrote about yesterday, BTW, NBD.

The Marlins put out a lineup that, frankly, looks a lot like a Rays lineup. That’s a compliment. Rafael Devers’s cousin José is there too, so this is a family affair. Fun stuff before the rain swamps us all of the holiday weekend and ruins any chance at a game. At least the Deverses can hang out!

Here are the full lineups:

Game 51 vs. Marlins

Lineup spot Marlins Red Sox
Lineup spot Marlins Red Sox
1 Jon Berti, 3B Kiké Hernández, CF
2 Starling Marte, CF Alex Verdugo, LF
3 Jesús Aguilar, 1B J.D. Martinez, DH
4 Garrett Cooper, RF Xander Bogaerts, SS
5 Corey Dickerson, LF Rafael Devers, 3B
6 Adam Duvall, DH Danny Santana, 1B
7 Isan Díaz, 2B Christian Vázquez, C
8 Jorge Alfaro, C Marwin Gonzalez, 2B
9 José Devers, SS Hunter Renfroe, RF
SP Cody Poteet, RHP Martín Pérez, LHP