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Daily Red Sox Links: Alex Cora, Danny Santana, Charlie Morton

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Atlanta Braves v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

It is no secret that the Red Sox made a push this past winter to sign Charlie Morton before the veteran went to Atlanta, and the last time he was a free agent as well. They never got him (and he dominated for most of Tuesday’s start at Fenway), but they see a roadmap that can be used for Garrett Richards. (Peter Abraham; Boston Globe)

For as good as Morton was for the final two-thirds or so of his outing, the Red Sox had him on the ropes for the first couple of innings. They just couldn’t get the big swings they needed, which has been a theme for the season. (Sean McAdam; Boston Sports Journal)

That’s one problem for the offense, but even more generally they have been quite boom or bust. (Chad Jennings; The Athletic)

On a more positive note with the lineup, Danny Santana is looking like a real steal for them. (John Tomase; NBC Sports Boston)

Those of us who thought the Red Sox would be bad are already wrong. Now the question is: Are they legit? (Chad Finn;

Kevin Goldstein provides a breakdown of who could go first overall this year, which of course has ripple effects that impact Boston’s selection at four. (Kevin Goldstein; FanGraphs)

Everything I once knew is a lie. (Rob Bradford; WEEI)