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New Shirt: Boston Bangs

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We had to do it.

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Kiké Hernández has been up and down on the field in his first year with the Red Sox, though more recently he’s been up as he’s brought his line up to .260/.312/.457 for a 109 wRC+. He’s also been playing good defense all over the field when he’s been healthy. Those are the biggest reasons the Red Sox brought him in this winter, but his personality doesn’t hurt either. Hernández endeared himself to teammates and fans alike in his time with the Dodgers, and he’s well on his way to doing the same with the Red Sox.

The latest quote from Boston’s utility man has been making the rounds as what feels like a classic line. It came when he was asked about returning to the roster earlier this week after being “banged up” and hitting the injured list. Here was his response.

Well, as you can imagine some people have enjoyed the quote, and it’s become something of a rallying cry. So, you knew we had to make a shirt with our friends over at BreakingT. As with all of our other shirts, you can get this in a tee or a hoodie, both versions being comfortable and affordable.

So get yours here, and not only get a sweet shirt but also help out your pals at OTM. Win-win.