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Red Sox On Deck Podcast: Pitching Injuries and Checking in on Greenville and Salem

On this episode of the show, Shelly and Bob discuss the decreasing Starting Pitcher depth due to injury and check on the early season results in Greenville and Salem.

Oakland Athletics v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

We are back for Episode 12 of the Red Sox On Deck Podcast, your go-to source for everything prospects on the Over the Monster Podcast Network. In this episode, Shelly and Bob had quite a few news and notes items to open with.

Eduard Bazardo left Tuesday’s game with an injury after only five pitches, reportedly with a lat strain. He will be placed on the injured list, as will Thad Ward. The latter has a forearm, strain and we hope this is not a precursor to future arm injury news. With these two injuries, alongside the Seabold and Houck news we discussed last week, the pitching depth needed for reinforcements throughout the big league season has declined in a hurry. Bob wonders if a 40-man roster is truly enough spots with the recent upticks in injuries throughout baseball. Hudson Potts is back on the shelf with an oblique injury. And Danny Santana appears to be ready for the call-up after hitting .423 in his first seven MiLB games. We’ve talked about him enough, call him up already.

Shelly reviewed the most interesting tidbits from the recent MLB Pipeline update to the Top 200 Draft prospects. The top five are in a much different order than they were a month ago, and as many as seven names are in the running for the first couple of picks in the draft at this time.

At High-A Greenville, the infielders have been showing off their bats early. Cameron Cannon, Brandon Howlett, and Tyreque Reed all deserve some love, along with two pitchers we were excited in the preseason to see: Chris Murphy and Brayan Bello. Some less exciting results from Jay Groome and Jacob Wallace accompany that thus far, however.

At Low-A Salem, three pitchers from the 2020 draft class: Jeremy Wu-Yelland (4th round), Shane Drohan (5th round), and Jordan DiVelario (undrafted) have all been effective in the early going. Gilberto Jimenez is doing all that we hoped, but Nick Yorke has had trouble putting the ball in play. We even had a steal of home last week.

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