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SB Nation Reacts: The Athletics relocation edition

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What will happen with the situation in Oakland.

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Oakland Coliseum
Oakland Coliseum
Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

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We are just about a quarter of the way through the season, but right now one of the biggest stories in the league has nothing to do with performances on the field. Instead, the big news last week was the Athletics and MLB announcing that they were formally beginning to look into the process of relocating out of Oakland after not being able to agree on a new waterfront site for a new stadium. Of course, there’s a decent chance this is just a big bluff, too, with owners trying to get a sweetened deal from another local market. A tale as old as time itself. This latest edition of the Reacts poll revolved all around this potential relocation.

Where will they go?

This is the obvious top answer, and it is absolutely the way it should be. The Athletics have been around for too long and are too engrained in Oakland at this point that it will be a real shame if they do end up leaving. But if we’re only looking at the other options on the board, I’m surprised Nashville isn’t one of the options here. I suspect some of that is because if the new city wasn’t out west it would require some realignment to make the divisions work. I don’t think it would be all that difficult — the Royals, for example, could be pushed out west — but if we are only looking at these options give me Portland.

Who’s to blame?

I’m a little surprised to see the city taking the bulk of the blame here, as my initial instinct is always to pass blame onto ownership groups, and I’m never upset to pass some along to Rob Manfred as well. But I will admit to not being totally up on this situation, so I won’t pass along any judgment on the question.

How would you feel?

I would definitely be sad. The Oakland fans have had a tough few years, with the Raiders leaving for Vegas and the Warriors moving their arena to San Francisco. They are being abandoned by all of their teams, and they don’t deserve to lose another one.