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FanPost Friday: Jarren Duran Time

When should that come?

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Atlanta Braves Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

In case you’ve missed the beginning of the minor-league season, Jarren Duran is red-hot. So red-hot that there have been loud rumblings about how long he will be playing for the Worcester Red Sox, before making his way to Boston.

Making things even louder? The Red Sox outfield has not been a great source of offense early in the campaign. While Hunter Renfroe is picking it up at the dish, left field is still a black hole that becomes more apparent by the day.

The million dollar question is simply: When is enough, enough?

Your goal this week is to answer that question:

When should the Red Sox call up Jarren Duran? Does he have anything else he needs to work on before being called up? Who does he replace, and why?

This may seem like a non-question, but there is talk out there that the Red Sox could replace a reliever, rather than a certain poor hitting outfielder.

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