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The Over the Monster Podcast: Stories of a first place team

Bryan and Matt look at a few different areas of the roster in today’s show.

Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Welcome back to another episode of The Over the Monster Podcast. As always, it is myself (Matt) and Bryan back with you for another week of talking about the state of the Red Sox.

For this week’s episode, we start off talking about a few changes made on the roster since the last time we spoke, both of which came due to injury. We start off talking about the impact of the Kiké Hernández injury, a conversation which eventually melds into one about the leadoff spot. Then we talk about Michael Chavis’s path to sticking in the majors before switching gears to talking about Christian Arroyo. There, we wonder if the time off will cool him down some after his hot start to the season.

From there, we move over to the pitching staff to discuss a few areas on that side of the roster. We talk about whether or not our opinions long-term for Nick Pivetta have changed much, as well as the fact that Austin Brice is still on the roster. We also talk about injuries to Tanner Houck and Connor Seabold and reflect on what that means for the team’s rotation depth. Hint: It’s not great.

We finish things out talking about how awesome Xander Bogaerts is, what his path to MVP could look like, and where he ranks among the game’s shortstops. Finally, we do answer a couple of listener questions before the show concludes, talking about a potential Bogaerts extension as well as trying to put together a mutually beneficial trade with the Yankees.

We hope you enjoyed today’s show. If so, please subscribe, leave us a rating and review on your platform of choice, and recommend us to your friends. We’ll be back with you next week.