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New Shirt: Devers’ Dingers

A new shirt to celebrate the most fun hitter on the Red Sox to watch.

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With the Red Sox playing so well for the first time in a couple of years, our friends over at BreakingT are making sure we have all of the celebrations worth remembering from this strong run of baseball. We’ve had Verdugo. We’ve had the home run hamper. But we still haven’t had anything for Rafael Devers. That’s a shame, because not only is he a phenomenal hitter but the energy he brings at the plate is probably the most fun of anyone on the roster.

Well, the issue has been rectified. Devers has been great in all facets at the plate this season, but his power specifically has been tremendous to see. He already has eight home runs this year, just three shy of his total from last season with just over half the games played. He’s been on another level, and we wanted to celebrate it. So, with that we present: Devers’ Dingers.

This unisex shirt comes in t-shirt sizes for both adults and children, as well as hoodies for adults as well. As always, they’re super comfortable and affordable as well.

Grab yours here.