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The Red Seat Podcast: The Xander Pod

On this episode of the show Keaton and I discuss all things Xander Bogaerts including where he ranks among shortstops in the game today.

Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

I could gush about how much I love Xander Bogaerts for hours and hours and hours. He is my unquestioned favorite player in baseball and is not so quietly becoming my favorite Red Sox player ever. Watch out Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz! Over the last few seasons Bogaerts has really transformed himself from one of the top shortstops in the game to simply one of the game’s best all around players.

On this episode of the show we break down Bogaerts’ stats from 2021 as well as the three season stretch from 2019-2021 to see where he ranks among the best shortstops in the game. We also discuss his contract situation, which he can opt out of after the 2022 season. Where does his current contract rank among the highest paid shortstops? Will he exercise his opt out? If he does, will the Red Sox retain him and how much will he be paid?

We then have even more fun with this discussion by ranking our top five shortstops for real life baseball in order of who we would take if we were starting our own team’s today. There are some massive surprises as to who I chose to exclude as we countdown from five to one. This was a heck of a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it. Thanks again for making us part of your routine!

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