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Red Sox May Preview

A look at what’s on tap for the second month of the year.

Red Sox vs Seattle Mariners Staff Photo By Nancy Lane/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald

The Red Sox came into this season with little in the way of expectations, but they have turned that lack of expectations on its head. They have just completed their first month of the season, and they are among the best teams in baseball. Not only do they stand at 17-10 after April’s conclusion, boasting a 3.5 game lead in the division, but they have the best record in all of baseball with only three teams (the White Sox, Astros, and Padres) have a better run differential. Before we look ahead to May, a quick shoutout to Cbradgregory in the comments of the April preview for perfectly predicting the 17-10 record.

A good April is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t mean much if the momentum isn’t kept up. The Red Sox will have an opportunity to keep that momentum going, though. They are going to be doing a lot of travel back and forth between road trips and Fenway. After these final two games in Texas to start the month, they very briefly return home for three games in Boston. From there, they had back out on the road for four, then come back home for a nice six-game homestand. In the back half of the month, they go back out on the road for six before returning to Fenway for five. Things finish with one road game in Houston to close out May. In total, they have 13 games on the road and 14 games at home. Amid all that, they have four days off.

As we turn our attention to the level of competition, there is a real chance to keep the momentum going here, particularly in the early going. They have two more games in Texas against the rebuilding Rangers, and then play two more rebuilding teams with the Tigers and Orioles. The competition does get a little more stout later in the month, including a few showdowns with the NL East. They have series against the Braves, Phillies and Marlins. They also play two of the top teams in the AL West (though they’re traveling out this way) in the A’s and Angels. Throw in a series against the Blue Jays and a singular game in Houston as well. All told, they play 14 games against teams currently sitting with a record under .500, nine against teams currently at exactly .500, and only four against teams playing above even at the moment.

So that’s what’s on the docket for the month of May as the Red Sox look to keep up their current momentum. As always, head down to the comments for a prediction on what will happen in the coming 31 days. If you are closest, you get the high honor of a brief shoutout in the June preview. Who could ask for anything more? As for me, after coming in low with a 14-13 guess last month, I’ll show a bit more optimism and say 15-12 this time around.