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Red Sox and Nike unveil new City Connect uniforms

I think they’re pretty sharp.

Boston Red Sox Summer Camp Photo by Stan Grossfeld/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Early in 2019, Nike started a 10-year partnership with MLB, leading many to wonder what kind of impact that could have on uniforms. Nike has made some pretty big changes in that respect in their partnership with the NFL and the NBA, particularly with specialty uniforms. That’s coming to baseball now, too, with what they’re calling City Connect uniforms. These will be special uniforms with some sort of, you guessed it, connection to the city. The rollout is going to be a bit staggered, with the Red Sox being first to debut theirs.

You can read a whole lot more about the entire City Connects program and these uniforms specifically here.

Generally speaking, I’m not a big uniform guy. I have no sense of style, so who am I to criticize anyone else’s, you know? That said, these are pretty sharp. The first instinct was definitely to recoil at seeing yellow Red Sox uniforms, but after making the connection to the marathon — these will be worn Patriots Day weekend — it all makes a lot of sense. And they did a really good job making that connection, especially for a team that has barely ever altered their uniforms over the last century.

You don’t see them for too long here, but I especially dig the numbers on the back. I will say the one thing that I am having trouble getting past is the hats, just because they look just like they should be for UCLA. That said, it makes sense with the context of the uniform so I’ll get past it. There’s a whole bunch of other cool specifics here as well, so definitely check out that link above. But, yeah, good job all around here.