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The Over the Monster Podcast: What’s up with Franchy?

Today’s show is only half moot.

Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Welcome back for another edition of the Over the Monster Podcast. We are back this week after taking a little time off last week out of precaution after I got vaccinated. (I had no side effects for the first dose, for whatever that’s worth to anyone still unsure.) For this episode we spend most of our time talking about a couple of players who have gotten off to tough starts this season.

We start with Franchy Cordero, who seems to be the first player on this roster in legitimate danger of losing his spot, at least temporarily. We talk about his struggles to start the year, and whether or not it makes sense to send him down versus keeping him up for his confidence. We also talk about the potential for Danny Santana to make his way up to take that spot from Cordero at some point soon. We finish the segment looking ahead a bit and also comparing Cordero’s early-season performance to that of Andrew Benintendi.

After that, we talk about Garrett Richards, which means I have to mention this episode was taped before last night’s start. Richards was phenomenal on Tuesday, but prior to that had been struggling mightily with control. We talked about what would happen if he continued to pitch like that, though obviously he did not for one start at least.

Finally, we spent a brief period of time talking about the minors with that season starting up next week. Bryan and myself discuss the timeline for Jarren Duran and Triston Casas before answering a few listener questions at the end.

We hope you enjoyed today’s episode. If so, please subscribe and leave a rating and a review. See you all next week.