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New Shirt: Boston Bogaerts

The new design with the team’s best player.

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The Red Sox have been out to a good start, and perhaps more importantly (or maybe just as importantly) they have been fun to watch in the process. It’s been a stark difference from where we were a year ago, and our friends over at BreakingT have been helping us enjoy the start to this baseball team and excitement coming back to Fenway. They did that earlier in the year with their Hamper Homer celebration shirts, and now they’re back with a new marathon-themed tee. This one incorporates those yellow designs from Marathon Weekend, and is also centered around Xander Bogaerts.

You can buy yours by following this link here, and as a bonus I get a little cut of it too. Who doesn’t love to give me a little bit of money, am I right?

As is the case with all of the shirts from our friends over at BreakingT, these are super comfortable and affordable. I have a bunch of them in my drawer at this point, and they always end up near the top of my rotation because of how well they fit and how comfortable they are. And that this one combines the marathon jerseys with Bogaerts, who has helped carry the offense with a 172 wRC+, just makes it all the better.

So again, follow this link to get yours.