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The Over The Monster Podcast: J.D. Martinez and the red-hot Red Sox

A look at some areas of the roster in this early part of the Red Sox season.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another edition of the Over the Monster Podcast. We have a little bit of a grab bag type episode this time around, looking at a few different aspects of the hot start coming for the Red Sox. Before we get into that, though, Bryan and I do spend a short amount of time talking about the cancellation of Monday’s game and Alex Cora’s ability to serve as the voice of the team, both in moments like this and just generally.

From there, we spend a good chunk of the episode looking at the start of J.D. Martinez’s season and how much it has, or has not, changed expectations for us even this little into the season. We also look at the contract situation for him and try to figure out what his opt out decision could look like, and sort through the idea of discussing an extension to take out that part of the equation.

After the Martinez talk, we bounce around a little bit more, looking at the top of the lineup as well as the bullpen and the rule changes that have carried over from last season. From there, we answer a few listener questions before signing off.

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