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FanPost Friday: Improving the Defense

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

Early in the season, the Red Sox have had relatively few weaknesses. Barring the offense, which appeared nonexistent for the first series against the Orioles (it got better), the Red Sox have only really struggled in one other respect: the defense.

Unlike with the offense, which we all should have seen improving (there were those who didn’t believe - classic Red Sox pessimism at its finest), I’m not so sure that the defense will be as easy a fix. You either have the defensive aptitude or you don’t. And this isn’t a simple one-man solution. There are questions everywhere, and multiple ways to change things up to give yourself a better team defensively.

My question for you this week is this:

How would you improve the Red Sox defense?

While instant solutions are preferable, they aren’t necessarily possible. If you believe it’s going to take the rest of this season and the next offseason to create your ideal defense, I understand, and want to hear about it.

As always, here is a reminder on how to do a FanPost, if you are new to the FanPosting game. We will compile any and all answers into the Flyby next week, so get those submissions in as soon as possible!