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Daily Red Sox Links: Gilberto Jimenez, Joe Castiglione, Jackie Bradley Jr

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Kelly O’Connor

The Red Sox have added to their spring training roster, bringing up another one of their top prospects to join them in Fort Myers. That would be Gilberto Jimenez, who we could be seeing in spring games at some point soon. (Christopher Smith;

Broadcasting is changing, and often with the guise of innovation when it’s really just about saving money. Joe Castiglione isn’t a fan of one of the latest examples he’s seen in other broadcasts. (Steve Buckley; The Athletic)

It’s a fun question, if almost an impossible one to answer: Who was better defensively: Fred Lynn or Jackie Bradley Jr.? (Chad Finn; Boston Globe)

The minor-league season won’t really be getting started until May, but it’s not too early to ask which Red Sox prospects have the best chance of breaking out in 2021? (Baseball America)

There needs to be a culture change in MLB. (Barry Svrluga; Washington Post)