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FanPost Friday: Build your bullpen

We have a lot of names to choose from

Boston Red Sox Spring Training Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

The Red Sox have quite an interesting “problem,” as they presently have about 16 or 17 pitchers you could convince me belong in the Red Sox bullpen this season. While some (like Garrett Whitlock due to his Rule 5 status or the big four in the bullpen) appear to be locks, their roles are not so clearly defined.

We’re acting as if the offseason is over. Whoever is with organization is who we are getting (unless some of the PTBNL from the Andrew Benintendi trade end up being close to the majors pitchers, which I do not think is the case). Your job this weekend is to build a bullpen, and to tell us how you would manage the group.

If you have the same names in the ‘pen, that’s okay. You may have a different role assigned to each player! Tell us about your bullpen strategy, and how you think the team could best be set up to succeed in 2021!