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The Over The Monster Podcast: Preseason Picks Edition

On today’s show we take a quick look at the roster finalization before making our MLB picks.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Atlanta Braves Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another episode of the Over The Monster Podcast. For today’s episode, myself (Matt) and Bryan take our final stab at predicting things before the actual season kicks off tomorrow afternoon. Before we get into that part of things, however, we cover a few of the roster moves made on Tuesday. First and foremost, we discuss Franchy Cordero being ready for Opening Day. One of us was surprised by this, the other not so much. We talk about how his playing time will break down, and also discuss the ripple effects on Michael Chavis. We also talk a bit about Tanner Houck getting Saturday’s start and what, if anything, he’d need to do in that start in order to remain with the team even if Eduardo Rodriguez is back for the next turn.

After that, we dive into our MLB-wide predictions. A lot of these divisions had some interesting races, and in fact we only agreed on the winner in two of them. We also each had different World Series winners. From there we go to the award predictions, where I throw off Bryan by telling him he’s not allowed to pick Mike Trout. Unfortunately, I end up with Yankees for both MVP and Cy Young, which was no fun.

Finally, we finish things off with some listener questions. We hope you enjoyed today’s show. If so, please subscribe, rate, and review wherever you listen to podcasts. We will be back with you next week, with actual, real-life baseball to discuss.