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FanPost Friday: Preseason Predictions

How do you see the season going?

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

By the time we speak a week from now, the games being played will count for real. The season will have begun, the kiddie gloves will have been taken off, and for the first time since the last pitch of the World Series, the result of a baseball game will matter again.

And with a new season comes new predictions. It is time to share your predictions for the 2021 MLB season. We’re going to leave this week’s prompt very open ended. You can go surface level, just say whether you think the Sox will be good or not and where they will eventually finish. Or you can go a bit more in depth and go so far as to share your award winners, breakout players, and other league-wide happenings.

If your predictions are right, you will win absolutely nothing from me, but do not let this stop you from putting on your best prognosticating hat!