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The Red Seat Podcast: Winding down spring training

In this episode of the show Jake and Keaton take a look at the final projected roster before we get official decisions.

Boston Red Sox v Minnesota Twins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Good morning and welcome back to another week of “The Red Seat” podcast. On this edition of the show we get you caught up on the latest roster projections for the 2021 club. Franchy Cordero, who came over in the Andrew Benintendi trade, finally debuted in the field yesterday. We take a look at how much time is left in spring training and try and figure out if he will be ready to start with the Red Sox by April 1.

The Cordero decision also determines what happens with Michael Chavis. Chavis is hitting over .300 while tied for the team lead with six home runs this spring. Has Chavis shown Cora enough to make this team out of camp? If so where will he play and how will the outfield alignment look without Cordero?

Cora has all but announced how his Opening Day batting order will look. Keaton and I spend a lot of time on whether or not Enrique Hernández at the top of the lineup is the right move, what three-four-five in the batting order should look like, and how we like the big swing and miss guys at the end of the lineup.

We then make some predictions about the ERA’s of the five starting pitchers and we discuss the state of the bullpen. We even predict who we think the first replacement arms will be. Finally, we get to all of your listener questions.

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