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Red Sox On Deck Podcast: Previewing High-A Greenville

In this episode of the show Shelly and Bob are joined by Jake to preview High-A Greenville.

Gilberto Jimenez
Kelly O’Connor

We are back for Episode 3 of the Red Sox on Deck Podcast, your go-to source for everything prospects on the Over the Monster Podcast Network. This week, we chat about who will have a bigger impact in 2021 between a few of the top prospects in the organization — Triston Casas, Jarren Duran, and Tanner Houck — before looking down the road and seeing who out of the three will have the bigger impact in 2024.

After that, we move our discussion along to look at the season to come at the High-A affiliate Greenville Drive. This could be a very exciting level in the organization, with players like Gilberto Jimenez, Jay Groome, and Brayan Bello starting the year there.

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