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FanPost Friday: Who Would You Max Out?

Time for the readers to get in on the fun

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, the writers for Over the Monster shared their opinions on which players they would improve exactly one thing about. Some chose to improve an offensive approach, some chose pitcher control, and some chose defensive ability.

The point is there is a lot you could do to improve this roster with players who are already here. All it takes is a wave of the magic wand. Today, we hand that wand over to you.

Given this magic wand, which player would you improve, and how would you do it?

You may only improve one thing about any individual player’s game. This one thing may improve a bunch of other things (like improving J.D. Martinez’s speed might additionally make him a better fielder), but you can only choose one singular object.

You can read the staff opinions here for inspiration, as well as here to see how Matt answered the question earlier on. For a reminder on how to do a FanPost (because it is Spring Training for all of us) go here.