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Truck Day 2021: Baseball unofficially begins

Let’s hope they can play ball

Boston Red Sox Truck Unloading Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

The day after the Super Bowl means one thing: Truck Day! Every year Fenway Park briefly comes to life as the equipment truck is filled with everything the team needs to kick off Spring Training.

According to the Sox, the contents this year contain all the familiar favorites:

1) 20,400 baseballs

2) 1,100 bats

3) 200 batting gloves

4) 200 batting helmets

5) 320 Batting Practice tops

6) 160 white game jerseys

7) 300 pairs of pants

8) 400 t-shirts

9) 400 pairs of socks

10) 20 cases of bubble gum

11) 60 cases of sunflower seeds

Usually Truck Day features Wally and Tessie, a quick trip through Boston, a stop in Pawtucket - but in our pandemic world none of this is possible. Instead the Sox held a livestream featuring some players and coaches, which you can see a replay of below.

In the meantime, as the truck begins its 1,480-mile trip from Fenway Park in Boston to JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, feel better that baseball, spring, and hopefully better days await us all.