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FanPost Friday: Painful departures

Who left that you still haven’t forgotten?

Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Game 1 Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

We’ve had a somewhat fun offseason, especially recently. While the Red Sox have been aggressive and in on virtually every market (and by some accounts are still in on Marcell Ozuna, which is also fun), and they’ve managed to bring in a few exciting, if not star-level, players in the past month, including Adam Ottavino and Garrett Richards.

But for every acquisition there has to be a departure, a loss that someone, somewhere, will presumably feel. Instead of focusing on what we’re acquiring or have acquired, I’d rather focus on the flip side of the coin this upcoming week. I’d like to hear about the players who left that had an impact on you.

It can be a recent player, or it can be long-forgotten one from before I was born. It just has to be someone who played for the Red Sox and no longer does. Retirement can count, I suppose, but it kind of goes against the spirit of what I have in mind.

What Red Sox departure(s) hurt you the most?

We will go over any responses in the Flyby next week on Thursday. Anything submitted before Wednesday night at 8 PM ET will be added to the Flyby. Happy FanPosting!