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The Red Seat Podcast: Teeing up the spring

In this episode Jake and Keaton break down recent transactions and what to look for at Spring Training.

Boston Red Sox Spring Training Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Welcome back to another episode of The Red Seat Podcast and to actual news on Red Sox players. Spring is just around the corner here and is in full effect at Jet Blue Park. As I stare out my window at snow banks the size of SUVs, infielders are taking ground balls, pitchers are throwing bullpens, and Alex Cora is trying to put a name to every new face on this team.

Keaton and I spend the first part of this episode discussing the recent addition of Ronaldo Hernández via trade. What did the Red Sox give up, what did they get in Hernández, and what is his timeline? We discussed the state of the 40-man roster as a result of this move and other transactions, and we speculate on any future additions.

We also spend some time breaking down the outfield, the rotation, and the bullpen. Questions like what will the most common outfield alignment be? Will that change late in games? Who will close out games for this team? Does Hirokazu Sawamura have a chance to get some saves? We also speculate on whether or not the Red Sox may use a six-man rotation at any point this year.

We then answer a plethora of listener questions before we scoot on out of here. As usual please keep the excellent questions coming our way.

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