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The Red Seat Podcast: Dustin Pedroia’s Retirement

We spend the bulk of the show on the legend’s retirement.

Boston Red Sox v Cleveland Indians

Welcome back for another episode of The Red Seat Podcast. In a fitting coincidence, our 200th episode happened to coincide with the retirement of Dustin Pedroia. So, it should come as no surprise that Shelly and myself spent the bulk of this episode looking back at the career of Pedroia. We look back at our reactions when it happened, both agreeing there was a surprising gut punch aspect to it despite everyone knowing this was coming. We agreed that the team should and almost certainly will retire his number 15, and likely sooner than later. Then we talked about his potential Hall of Fame case, the parts of his game that will stick in our minds the longest, our favorite quotes, and what could come next.

After that, we do spend a little time speaking on the the players who are currently on the roster. Specifically, we share our thoughts on the Adam Ottavino trade since neither of us were on the show last week, and then talk about the bullpen in general, directions to go in the outfield, other needs on the roster and who could be on the chopping block on the 40-man roster.

Finally, we answer some listener questions that include plans for Enrique Hernández, a possible two-year deal for an injured reliever, and the possibility of going over the luxury tax.

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