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The Red Seat Podcast: Spring is nearly here

In this episode of the show Matt and Jake look at the roster before pitchers and catchers report.

St. Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Pitchers and catchers reporting is nearly upon us! The smell of fresh cut grass, blue skies, well manicured diamonds, and the assurance that baseball, glorious baseball, is imminent. It’s impossible not to be romantic about the spring.

As we prepare for the inevitable thaw Matt and I took a long look at the Red Sox roster as it is currently constituted. Are they done adding to this mix? If so how will the three-man bench be utilized? If they were to add to this mix where would they add?

Many of the biggest questions about this roster reside in the players that are already here:

  • What will Eduardo Rodriguez look like as he comes back from his COVID-19 complications?
  • How effective will Chris Sale be as he makes his way back from Tommy John surgery?
  • Will Nathan Eovaldi and Garrett Richards stay healthy?
  • What can we expect out of Nick Pivetta?
  • Will Enrique Hernández really play mostly second base?
  • How will Rafael Devers look after this offseason? Will he be moving better?
  • Will Alex Verdugo take another step forward after a fully healthy offseason?
  • Will J.D. Martinez rebound to All-Star levels with the addition of video?

There are no doubt many more questions than this, however, these will be many of the most pressing questions that if answered positively could lead this team to surprise contention in the division.

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