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Daily Red Sox Links: Gilberto Jimenez, Brock Holt, Carlton Fisk

Kelly O’Connor

MLB Pipeline ran through a list of prospects who could be heading towards a breakout and become stars within the next few years. Who made the list for Boston? (Jim Calis; MLB Pipeline)

Old Friend Alert! Brock Holt did not end up getting to rejoin Andrew Benintendi in Kansas City. Instead, he has signed a deal to play for the Rangers. (Kennedi Landry;

Why did Carlton Fisk end up declaring for free agency during the 1980 offseason? It’s one of the embarrassing stories in the franchise’s history. (Hayden Bird;

With the Red Sox waiting on three players to be named later in the Benintendi trade, John Tomase looks at some of the best PTBNLs in history. Hopefully one of the three players in the Benintendi trade makes this list in the future. (John Tomase; NBC Sports Boston)

The Woo Sox are playing in the new Triple-A East Division, or at least that’s what it is called for now. (Joe McDonald; The Providence Journal)