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The internet reacts to Dustin Pedroia’s retirement

Farewell Laser Show

World Series Game 6: St. Louis Cardinals Vs. Boston Red Sox Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Dustin Pedroia officially announced his retirement from baseball on Monday. This was, of course, inevtiable as he hasn’t really been able to play for a few years now. But even with that being true, the announcement garnered a lot of attention from all corners of the internet. Pedroia was one of the best players of his generation, a three-time champ, an MVP winner and a Rookie of the Year. He was admired for his play on the field and beloved for his quotes off of it. Let’s take a brief minute to look at his career as told through the Twitter sphere, and of course we would love for you to share your favorite clips or moments from his career in the comments as well.

From the beginning

To the many, many hits

The the calls by Don Orsillo

And to all the fans who knew he was at second base

From the minor leagues

To an MLB fixture

Good luck, Dustin.

Time to retire #15?