Obviously, with the trade of Arenado, the Rockies are back to trying to cut costs. The guy they can get the biggest rebuild package for (and the one who would help Boston the most) would be Marquez, but I think they should be looking to build around him. The guy I would consider targeting would be Trevor Story. Boston has had a hole at 2B since the Machado incident, and while Story plays short, his bat would definitely play at 2B, and I think he would be able to make the transition defensively. The issue here would be how much to give up. He's a free agent soon, so you'll have to pay him, but he also is one of their only chips. I'd consider bringing back a bad contract if the Sox are willing to pony up money, likely Blackmon. He's expensive for the next couple of years, but he's still good enough defensively to be slated into their RF position with Renfroe and Benintendi platooning in LF. Their home and away splits are fairly consistent too. In this situation, you wouldn't likely have to give up a ton. Maybe Chavis and a couple of mid to low end prospects, and it shores up the lineup nicely.