John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

I was surprised as anyone that the Sox decided to make that trade the other night, but it was really only about the return. Bradley coming back was something I did not think was even possibly in the cards. I was a big JBJ fan when he was here, and thought his defense completely outweighed his cold streaks at the plate as long as there was no other hole in the lineup. That said, with Hernandez out there in CF, his defense is not quite as impactful. With that, I would guess that there will be another move in the outfield. I was actually a proponant of this before the move with Renfroe and Verdugo potentially platooning. I don't know if it's going to be the impact move that we all hope it will be with a Bryant or Schwarber signing, but someone will wind up there.

My guess is they are going to go after Suzuki. If they were going to go after a more proven player like the other two, I think they would have gotten a couple of arms back instead of Bradley. With Bradley in the mix, I think they see a potential need for their fourth OF to step up and take on a bigger role, and they aren't ready to give that to Duran quite yet. Or they want to move Hernandez to second and have Bradley in CF to add one of those impact bats.

Whatever the direction, I think they have most of the pieces in place, and that's why they made this move when they did instead of waiting until after the lockout.