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The Red Seat Podcast: Decision day recap

In this episode Jake and Keaton are back to discuss J.D. staying for his final year and the other moves made on Sunday.

Championship Series - Boston Red Sox v Houston Astros - Game Six Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

We were all eagerly awaiting J.D. Martinez’s decision on Sunday, wondering whether he would stay for his final year in Boston or opt out. On today’s show, we discuss Martinez’s decision to stay with the team and how that impacts roster construction moving forward. How will this impact the Red Sox decision to either pursue or not pursue Kyle Schwarber?

We also discuss what the qualifying offer means for Eduardo Rodriguez and whether or not the team should pursue a long term contract with the lefty. We also discuss if there is any chance at a reunion with Martín Pérez or Garrett Richards, both of who's options were declined.

Finally, we discuss Christian Vázquez and his future with the team after the Red Sox decided to pick up his final option year. Is his $7 million dollar salary reasonable considering the state of the catching market? Should they try to keep him past this season?

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