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SB Nation Reacts: End of year reflections

About the World Series and the season as a whole.

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Atlanta Braves World Series Parade Photo by Megan Varner/Getty Images

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The offseason is upon us, with player movement in free agency set to start on Monday, or at least that’s when players are allowed to change teams via free agency. But before we spend the next handful of months looking forward, it is worth reflecting on the World Series, as well as whole season, that just ended. That is the focus of this edition of SBN Reacts.

How was the year?

I think I would mostly agree with the majority here on this one. There are certainly issues with the game, from pace to style to team-building habits and plenty more, that need to be addressed, and frankly one of the bigger issues for me is all of the focus on those things. So it’s nice to remember that, even with all of the issues, talent-wise the game is in a good place. Surely part of this is because the Red Sox were good, but I had a lot of fun watching the whole league this year, especially after that 2020 season.

How was the World Series?

Again, you can put me down with the majority here. We’ve been a bit spoiled in recent years with a lot of classic World Series, so in a way this one felt underwhelming. But it was a competitive six games between two teams with entertaining players. It wasn’t the best World Series I’ve ever seen and I suspect it’s not one we’ll talk about for years to come, but it was fun to watch as it was happening.

Can Atlanta repeat?

Why not? I certainly don’t expect them to enter next season as World Series favorites, but they should be able to retain a good chunk of this core, and have a good front office to supplement this winter. Oh, and they did most of this without Ronald Acuña Jr., a top five player in this league. So sure, they’re capable of repeating.