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Daily Red Sox Links: Rafael Devers, Rich Hill, Max Scherzer

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American League Championship Series Game 5: Houston Astros v. Boston Red Sox Photo by Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The build up over the weekend and continuing into the early part of this week on the hot stove has been wild, with free agents signing left and right ahead of a likely lockout coming on Wednesday. The Boston Red Sox, though, have largely sat out. Will they regret it? (Alex Speier; Boston Globe)

Red Sox inactivity aside, this has been a thrilling few days for the sport in general, and speaks to what a deadline could mean for the league in the offseason. (Sean McAdam; Boston Sports Journal)

One of the biggest moves of this flurry was Max Scherzer signing a three-year deal with the Mets. He would have been a great fit for the Red Sox, but it was likely never in the cards. (Jason Mastrodonato; Boston Herald)

They are still in on some other starting pitchers as well, including old friend Rich Hill. (Rob Bradford; WEEI)

On top of that, they have of course added Michael Wacha to the mix as well. Luke Hooper looks at the move for FanGraphs. (Luke Hooper; FanGraphs)

The other big priority for this winter should be to get something long-term done with Rafael Devers. To this point, there is no significant progress on that front. (Chris Cotillo; Masslive)