OTM Pick 5

So I am taking over this year's "Pick 5" since apparently OOLF is too busy running around in circles (which I assume is how one trains for a marathon, since I don't understand the appeal).

The rules are simple: to play, create a list of five players that you believe will be added to the Red Sox major league roster via free agency signing, trade, or otherwise brought in from outside the organization. Free agents, in this case, do not include those with team or player options to exercise for the upcoming season unless they opt out/are declined and later sign back up anyway, although I believe we're past the point that matters by now. Minor league deals will not count, unless the player is added to the major league roster by the deadline of our game (see below). No one in our game may have the same five picks, so if by some coincidence (or fiendish design) you wind up with the same names as someone who has already submitted a list, I will ask you to re-submit.

For historical interest, no one has exceeded two correct picks in the history of the game.

Deadline for submissions will be 11:59 ET Friday, Nov 26. In the event that someone gets signed this week, you will only get credit for that pick if your names were submitted at least 24 hours prior to the announcement (unless the general consensus of the community shares the opposite opinion). Deadline for players to sign will be the first day of spring training, or, in the event of a lengthy lockout, I reserve the right to extend the deadline to the LAST day of spring training if such CBA concerns seem likely to derail things significantly. Winners will be announced sometime in the first week of the season.

Since contending in this game generally means getting one or two names correct, we need tie-breakers. I am going in a slightly different direction with those this year.

Tiebreakers: You will receive a bonus for having the highest total years of team control for your correctly chosen players (a one-year deal nets you one bonus point, a five-year deal with a player opt-out after the third year nets you three bonus points, etc.). If there is still a tie, points will be assigned for having the lowest average annual salary for your correctly chosen players, under the logic that it is harder to pick cheap players than expensive ones, since the expensive ones are presumably more established and more well-known. If that still doesn't resolve it, the timestamp of your submissions (or your re-submission if you provided a duplicate list) will decide it: play early and you have an edge.

Comment below to play!

Past Results:

2020 Pick 5 Winner: A Random Human (1)

2019 Pick 5 Winners: Chris Sanford, crossedsabres8, Dabageldond, Good_Better_Betts, mattowens04, ty42198, and xii_dex (2)

2018 Pick 5 Winners: Chelista625, Bogey2Short, SirBenjaminPK, Ricochet!, crossedsabres8, REDSOXFAN1973, timtime321 (2)

2017 Pick 5 Winners: sguglie2, titio1300, On to Lansdowne Street (1)

2016 Pick 5 Winner: Rick Bentsen (2)

2015 Pick 5 Winner: RogueNine (2)

2014 Pick 5 Winner: .406 (2)

2013 Pick 5: Pick 5 Writer’s Strike

2012 Pick 5 Winner: aubatron2011 (2)

2011 Pick 5 Winner: mg050369 (2)