Ownership Group Expanding The Enterprise

So it sounds as if Henry and the group are close to purchasing the Pittsburgh Penguins. I'm actually all for the group being diverse. I think it's mostly good for each club that the group owns, as each brings in money, and they all want to be successful. But this is one that could push the cart in a different direction.

To this point, Henry has ownership of the Sox, Liverpool, and Rouch Fenway Racing. It's a cool way to expand the brand of each, and there's no problems with these three entities living under the same roof, so to speak. That changes when you purchase a team in the NHL, NFL, NBA or even MLS. Now, not everyone is a fan of strictly Boston teams, and not everyone who loves the Sox will care at all about the NHL, but this is an interesting minefield that they will need to walk through. Not only will fans take every free agent signing or contract extension for the Penguins as a direct hit to the amount the Sox are willing to pay, but each of those will be done in favor of a hated rival of the Bruins. It's not like they went out and purchased the Calgary Flames or Florida Panthers or something. It's definitely going to be interesting.